We are a boutique wealth management company whose key objectives are asset protection  and long term real returns for our clients.

About Us

One Client. One Journey. At i-Cthru, we believe that each and every one of our clients deserves a financial adviser who knows them individually and who cares. We are a boutique firm, with a family approach and know each of our clients personally.

We also know that we are not for everybody. This is why we work with few clients. Actually, in your own interest, we would rather turn you away if our visions are not aligned. For our clients, we focus on the long term and on being fully transparent, because you will be much more likely to achieve your financial goals if you know what to expect along the journey.

Our day-to-day work consists of offering you long-term focused investing while addressing your financial concerns as they arise.

We are your financial partner, rain or shine.

Our Business: Risk Management

No one likes to watch others making money, while they sit on the sidelines. Many are willing to take a level of risk which they cannot truly afford to attempt generating greater gains. This isn't us.

At i-Cthru, our main objective is to manage your risk and to take a level of risk which is suited to you individually. We are in the business of preserving your capital first and foremost. Only then can we work on growing your assets. No smoke and mirrors.

We help you travel your financial journey as your financial partner.

We offer tailored advice because one-size does not fit all.

Trading and investing are very different. We are long-term oriented.

How can we help?

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Whatever your situation or questions, let us know where you stand and how you think we might be of assistance.

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