A Wealth Management boutique whose key objectives are asset protection and long-term real returns

Are we a good match?

This is us

i-Cthru is not for everybody. We are a Wealth Management team working with a select number of like-minded clients and aim to align our clients with our investment philosophy.

i-Cthru is a Wealth Management boutique firm, with a family approach. We believe that risk management should be the stepping stone of any wealth management approach and are in the business of preserving capital first and foremost. Secondly, we focus on letting capital appreciate over time, while serving our clients near and long-term goals.

Our boutique firm is 100% independent, which allows us to think out-of-the-box, be agnostic, and not follow the crowd.

When you work with us, you can expect us to be fully devoted to doing what's best for you. At i-Cthru, we eat our own cooking and are invested alongside our clients. We've been successfully inspiring families since 2013, building long-lasting relationships based on trust.

Is this you?

When it comes to selecting an adviser, you have many choices, but only a few may actually work for you.

Therefore, as much as we aim for our vision to be aligned with that of our clients, you should also invest time to identify your needs and philosophy.

  • If you perceive the markets as a means to achieve realistic financial goals, not as a place to make quick money;
  • If you appreciate having a financial partner who knows you as well as what you are up against;
  • If you like spending your free time doing what you love to do, enjoying your wealth instead of forever chasing more of it; and,
  • If you agree that investing requires skill and luck, but also demands a disciplined process and a long-term view;

If this is you, then we are an excellent fit and we would love to be your partner and help you navigate your financial journey.

Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
Warren Buffet

Vincent van Doorn

Celine Herault

Gerwin de Groot

Our Strategies: In a nutshell

i-Cthru offers focused investment strategies tailored to your needs.


Do you feel more inclined to sell on a rainy day? Do you buy stocks because everyone is talking about them? Do you try to be a market-timing genius? Do you only focus on price, not value? This is why we developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, which is completely agnostic and invests in US-listed equities without any biases.


Do you sometimes get enthusiastic about ideas? So do we, but we are very picky and act as business owners. We tend to stick with these companies for 5 to 10 years. Throughout our successful careers, we have been identifying compelling investment themes and have a proven track record unearthing nascent companies within those themes, with high-growth potential over the long term.

Tailored Advice

All our clients are unique. No situation is static and by checking in on a regular basis, we will get to know your distinctive set of needs and circumstances as they arise. We will work with you to come up with tailored solutions. We have experience with assisting our clients with their business ventures, valuation of startups, divorce settlements, international tax environments, inheritance, and financial coaching.

How Do I Become A Client?

As much as you'd like to get to know us, we'd like to get to know you too, and we always meet with our clients, whether it is in person or video call. Afterwards, the process is straightforward. We'll need proof of ID as well as a recent proof of address. Everything can be done electronically within 48 hours. If you'd like to discuss becoming a client, simply contact us, or schedule a meeting so we can hear your story and discuss working together.

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