Institutional Investors Bespoke Investment Strategies

Run your investment strategies

Are you thinking about outsourcing your investment management? We can help you define, implement and run your investment strategies. For almost a decade, i-Cthru (your OCIO) has been successfully developing and programming investment strategies that bring advanced capabilities to family offices and other institutional investors.

Today, almost all trading strategies can be automated and why shouldn't they? In fact, since its inception i-Cthru has had first-hand experience with defining and programming investment algorithms as well as automation. The technology is widely available as well as reliable. The advantages of automating an investment decision-making process are obvious and include:

  • Large-scale 24/7 analyses
  • Systemized investing without the interference of emotional biases
  • Low development costs
  • Low running costs
  • Available across multiple asset classes
  • Available across multiple platforms, including Interactive Brokers
  • Cloud-based
  • Can be implemented in managed accounts for more control and transparency

Whatever your criteria might be, let's discuss how we could work together and help you reduce your running costs dramatically and deliver on your objectives. We will work with you to define, implement and run your investment philosophy, whether it is growth, value, dividend, index, equities, bonds, US, etc.

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