Vincent’s Blog: Time flies. You’d better pay attention!

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It is summer and many of us are enjoying a vacation or dream of taking one. We need vacations to relax and break from our daily routines. It seems we enjoy doing things we normally don’t do. We remember certain vacation scents, food and activities vividly.
We mesmerize and would love to slow time down and keep experiencing more of the same. We frantically try to freeze time with the help of multiple digital cameras and Gopros. We capture that special moment we do not want to forget. Unfortunately time is very unforgiving. The last second ticked is gone, gone forever…

Is it me or do you also notice very few people going to work with Gopros on their head to capture that special moment? Is it me or do you also feel time is speeding up when we grow older? Is it me or do you also feel the more memories we have the more they get compressed into a zip-file? Is it me or do you also feel dulled by routine and that feeling of your first love seems gone forever? Is it me or do you also constantly build routines in your life because it is much easier and much less exhausting? Is it me or do you also feel all mindless routines eat up our time without us noticing much of it? Is it me or do you also feel like the last five years passed on fast forward and flew by?

You see, we forget our brains tend to optimize our limited energy while awake. Bungee jumping is great but it requires a lot of energy and this is probably why we don’t do it everyday before we brush our teeth. Routine activities require a lot less decisions and energy. Making decisions requires active mental attention and reduces our time in the present. We all make a lot of decisions every single day. Choices in our present life give us many options to evaluate on almost everything we do or want. The more options we have to evaluate the more time and energy we use to make a decision. This causes more stress, less optimal decision-making and surprisingly we feel also less satisfied.

What if I tell you we can do better, even slow down time itself. First, tell yourself to slow down, check the present. Process the fact you are breathing, look around, pay attention to details you normally don’t look at. Take fewer decisions, limit your choices and limit all mindless routines like reading the headlines multiple times a day. Define smart routines like investing a percentage of your monthly income, every month. It is smart to save before you spend; smart to free-up some time you would otherwise spend deciding. Invest in successful companies and let them work for you. Use more time to enjoy the now because time has a tendency to fly by and you better pay attention before it is gone.

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