Vincent’s Blog: Performance Risk and You

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I have a simple wish. After reading my blog I wish for you to close your eyes and think about your finances for fifteen minutes. “Thanks”, you say: ”I was doing quite fine until you asked me this question”. Stop browsing the 1001 financial fairytales dangled in front of your eyes, like the ones telling you should to be in short term bonds or super growth equities or both. Wait, the latest study says you should be in small cap companies. But you also just read they are leading the decline in the stock market today. Here is a study that tells me to eat more carrots because it will…. Whatever! Stop! You are not doing yourself a favor. There is too much choice, too much data and too much noise.

Think about running a marathon. Some of you finish marathons on a regular basis, some of you are training to run one and some of you have a wish to do so. I think it is fair to say you have a reasonable expectation of yourself and set realistic goals. Your goal will likely not be to be the fastest. Men’s fastest time is 2:03.23 and women’s 2:15.25. If you are a professional you will have browsed for these winning times but you more likely have typed on Google: ”How to train and finish a marathon”. There are a lot of small things that can make you more efficient like your running shoes, high-tech clothing and special food. However, they count for little compared to the single most important ingredient to finish: your mindset. You want to finish. You are not focused on the winners. Leave setting new records to the professionals and block out all that is not important to get to the finish line.

At i-Cthru we have a dream: we dream of a different kind of marathon. We call it “the wealth-building marathon”. We want you to join our effort to build wealth in a simple and transparent way. It takes time. Suppress the urge to browse for the winning numbers, or to be confused by the thousands of “advices” to improve your short-term performance. Leave winning to the professionals and remember that only few win many times. We have high regard for professionals like First Eagle Advisors, Tweedy Browne, Soros, Greenlight Capital et al. However, access to most are closed to you. Either they demand too much capital to join or are closed to new investors.

We have a dream for you to run with us, to build and share wealth. Put on your financial running shoes and learn more by subscribing to our blog. Focus on the finish line, keep it simple and transparent, forget all the noise, start small and set your mind towards your goal. Just like us, you can do this too.